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Take Some Responsibility

I’m sick and tired of people complaining about unemployment then heading out to the nearest big superstore to go shopping.  Guess what? Those evil big corporations are what YOU are supporting, by purchasing their products and services.  Before the next time you exercise your tongue bitching about evil capitalism; first take a look in the mirror!


Being CHEAP is NOT the ANSWER. It’s that simple. Every time you think you are getting a good deal, you are missing the big picture and hurting your bottom line.  The payback for that slightly lower priced item is more jobs down the drain; you are “unemploying” yourself. Then you wonder why these big corporations keep getting bigger, small local entrepreneurs keep going out of business and you are not capable of starting a business. Now you don’t know what to do because it is getting out of hand. You need to put the blame on someone, so you turn to your government to fix your problems for you. Meanwhile, you are still doing the same thing—watering the same plant. You have now given the government “your approval” to do whatever it takes to bring down those big corporations. They take over the corporations and start running them, supposedly to hand out the profits back to you.

How did that solve your problem? It didn’t! Those evil big corporations are still in the same position as before, only now they are run by different people. So what happened in this process? What happened is that you chose to loose your ability to choose. Why did that happen? Because you are cheap & selfish. While you could have chosen to shop at better places to begin with, instead you gave your “income” to your government, hoping it would be fairly redistributed back to you.

So how do I get this problem fixed?

It’s very simple: know where you spend your money; know who you support. If you had the choice to buy products from a rapist for less money than the guy standing next to him, who would you buy from? Do you want the rapist to become more powerful and rape more people?

Would this be enough to fix it?   Use freedom of speech.

Almost, but, you can’t do it alone. But why are you alone when you are not alone? Because you don’t voice your opinion, you’ve stopped believing in freedom of speech. STOP silently agreeing. DON’T be afraid to voice your opinion. DON’T be afraid to discuss anything, be it politics, sex, religion, etc.  Do you think there are more people that would rather support a rapist?  If so, then we are really screwed up. I would certainly hope that is not the case. Very often people just need a little nudge in the right direction. All you have to do is speak up. Like a wise friend of mine says “Most problems come from miscommunication or the lack there of.”

Start using freedom of speech right now!


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